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Information for prospective volunteers

About the scheme

STIMULUS places university students in local primary and secondary schools,
to help with mathematics, science, ICT and technology lessons. You might help
generally in the classroom, or work with a group of particularly able pupils, or
help individuals who are struggling, or carry out practical work with small

Your placement will be for a couple of hours each week during term, at a time
to fit around your lectures and other commitments. The commitment is for one
term (about six visits) although many volunteers return for more. There is an
orientation meeting at the start of term, and a training session during the
school half-term.

The scheme is mainly designed for those taking maths, science and engineering subjects, but is open to students studying other subjects who are confident that their subject knowledge is sufficient for the age group they want to work with.
The only exception is that we do not make placements for freshers in
Michaelmas term, but you can still register your interest ready for Lent term.
You don't have to have any teaching experience; training will be provided, and
the school staff will explain what they want you to do.

How to join

You can sign up to STIMULUS here.

The deadline for applying for a placement in Michaelmas Term is midnight on Friday 5 October 2018.

Frequently asked questions

How far away are the schools?
Although most of them are outside the immediate university area, they are
all within 15-20 minutes cycle ride. We bear in mind whether you cycle when
arranging the placements.
Why is there no STIMULUS in the Easter term?
By the time we take out half-term week, there's only about three weeks
before you start exams, so it's not worth starting new placements. However, if
you've been in a school in the Lent term, you are entirely welcome to arrange
with the school to continue in the Easter term if you'd like to.
Read the Student Volunteers Booklet
You should be given a Student Volunteer's Booklet at the briefings, but it's also
available here.

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